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2011 News

Meeting schedule 2011

Time Place
January 25, 2011  5:30 pm Meeting/presentation, New Vermilion Parish Library, Abbeville
April 28, 2011  5:30 pm Election/presentation, New Vermilion Parish Library, Abbeville
July 26, 2011  5:30 pm Meeting/presentation, New Vermilion Parish Library, Abbeville
October 25, 2011  5:30 pm Meeting/presentation, New Vermilion Parish Library, Abbeville


First Quarter Meeting of January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011—The first quarter meeting of 2011 of the Vermilion Historical Society took place at 5:30 p.m. on January 25, 2011, at the Vermilion Parish Library.  A quorum was present, as well as a number of guests.  In the absence of the president and the vice-president, the secretary-treasurer conducted the meeting.  The secretary presented the minutes of the fourth quarter meeting of 2010, which upon motion and second were unanimously adopted as read.  The treasurer then presented the financial report, which upon motion and second was also unanimously adopted as read. 

The question of whether to produce another model Abbeville building was raised.  Several possibilities were discussed.  Some people have asked for a residence, since none of the buildings produced so far have been residences.  The Caldwell House was presented as a possibility.  It was reported that the new owner would probably be interested in having us make a model of the home.  The Caldwell House is now operated as a bed and breakfast and wedding reception hall.  Perhaps some of their patrons would want to buy our buildings as souvenirs.  After due discussion, on motion and second, it was resolved that the Society would produce a model of the Caldwell Home this year. 

Gary Theall then made the scheduled presentation, which was a follow-up to the "Fenwick Sanitarium" presentation that had been made in October of 2005.  The earlier presentation had dealt with the Fenwick Sanitarium on St. Victor Street that had been built in 1907 to replace the one that had stood on that property for three years and had burned to the ground in 1906.  Until now, the Society had no pictures of the building that had burned.  In researching the old New Orleans newspapers, Theall found pictures that had been submitted by Dr. Frank Young in connection with advertising his sanitarium.  The presentation consisted of a series of newspaper advertisements and articles showing the original building, the expansions and enhancements to it, and the appearance of the building just before it burned.  The similarity of that building to the new one built in 1907 was remarkable.  In addition, the activities and problems of Dr. Frank Young after leaving Abbeville and moving to Covington were discussed, including the bold claims of Dr. Young as to the success of his method of curing addiction.