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Vermilion Historical Society
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Slide and Video Presentations

Here is a collection of some of the slide and video presentations that have been made in the past at the meetings of the Vermilion Historical Society.  These presentations were created by Gary Theall and most of them are based to some extent on the research and writings of other researchers such as Kenneth A. Dupuy, Patricia Heard, Pearl Mary Segura, Dr. Ray Lacour, as well as on Gary's own research.  Of course, in replaying the slide shows you will be deprived of the sparkling verbal narration offered by Theall, Dupuy, and others at the live presentations; however, all of the history that you need to know is on the slides.

Be advised that each of these presentations takes time to get through.  The number of slides in each presentation ranges from 35 to 154.  Theall programmed the slide shows in such a way that as you are viewing one slide, the next slide is downloading, so unless your Internet connection is very slow the slides should progress smoothly if you view them in order.  Click on the slide itself or on the "Next" button to advance the slide, or on the "Previous" button to go back to the previous slide.  The videos will advance the slides automatically.   Close the window to terminate the presentation.


Note:  Javascript must be enabled in your browser in order to view the slideshows.  If it is not already enabled, click here to find out how to enable it.

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